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About Us

Welcome to Double D’s Southern BBQ! We're Dennis and Tina Duncan, owners of Double D's Southern BBQ. We're originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and have been preparing and perfecting BBQ (and our southern sides) our entire lives.

In 1998, we relocated to Indiana for work. Although Dennis recently retired, he had been an aircraft mechanic since 1987 and Tina has been a hospice nurse since 2015.  However, we've never been able to leave our BBQ roots behind. So......

We decided to bring Memphis straight to YOU!

We have had a professional catering business since 2020 where we are dedicated to providing the very best quality food. We recently announced our plans for a restaurant and look forward to serving you delicious, southern BBQ. We've teamed with LT Farms in Fillmore, Indiana, and will provide the very best farm-to-table meats, whenever possible.

But, our BIGGEST passion is giving back and supporting small local businesses. Our hope is to better the communities of Clayton/Bellville/Plainfield by giving back to our schools, first responders, nursing homes, and veterans.

Please follow Double D’s Southern BBQ journey and help us give back!

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